A Drake Miscellany



A Drake Miscellany
Greyscale Series: A Drake Miscellany, ISBN 978-1-906130-14-5 PDF $3.00 Available NOW in PDF!

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Drakes - you either love them or hate them. Are they the warped and wizened descendents of true dragons? Or an evolutionary offshoot that never really evolved into anything of great power? Most adventurers don't care - they just want to get rid of the pesky things as fast as possible.

Here we provide outlines and definitions for five new drake species and their subspecies for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition. Some are the unintelligent spawn of dragonkind, others just surprisingly annoying and a challenge for your players. All are new and, as yet, undiscovered!
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This packed supplement for Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition contains the following heroic-tier monsters and items:

  • Outlines and monster blocks for the eponymous dragon-spawn: Vermin Drake, Vermin Drakling and the terrifying Vermin Overdrake
  • The simple, but interesting, Shelldrake - a useful alternative and complement to the eponymous Guard Drake
  • The domestic and wild HerdDrake - cattle with a nasty difference!
  • Outlines and example monster blocks for the suprisingly lethal Lizardrake Swarms
  • Stonemunchers, drake who have taken to the darkest depths of the earth and made it their home
  • Drake-based magic items

Give your players a bunch of surprises they didn't expect to find!

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